Heretics Guide To Management trending on Human Resources Director (HRD) Magazine

Human Resources Director Magazine (HRD) is Australia’s only magazine written for and targeted purely at the most senior HR professionals (CHRO ’s & HR Directors) and top corporate decision makers.

An article of ours, entitled “Why corporate addiction to management models is damaging” has been published, which is (as we write this), the most read article.

“Let’s face it, management models are sexy. Drawing a 2*2 matrix on a whiteboard and explaining each quadrant has this strange, almost magical effect of transforming someone from mere corporate minion to a fountainhead of management profundity and guruness. A situation that a moment ago seemed overwhelming now seems surmountable. Done right, the person holding the marker pen can project themselves an up-and-coming leader, a self-starter or an outside-the-box thinker…”

You can read the rest of the article on the HRD site…