Clarion Review of The Heretic’s Guide

We are delighted that The Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices has received a five star rating from ForeWord Reviews. Here’s what the reviewer, Barry Silverstein, had to say about the book:

Modern business organizations of any appreciable size often wrestle with ways to improve their processes, execute major projects more efficiently, and find solutions to complex problems. Such challenges inevitably involve a lot of people, petty politics, and, as as result, widespread frustration. In an effort to get everyone working together, senior executives in many organizations rely on “best practices” to solve their problems. 

The dirty little secret, according to business/technology consultants Paul Culmsee  and Kailash Awati, is that “there is no best practice” to solve every problem, because “it is impossible to prescribe a one-size-fits-all process.” Instead, the authors offer a systematic approach that combines three main techniques to create a “holding environment in which open dialogue … can occur.”

The description of this approach may sound a bit daunting, but Culmsee and Awati lead the reader through a carefully organized, well-researched, three-part discussion that deftly combines theory with practice…

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