Social complexity – a common issue in enterprise IT projects

In a recent interview, Kailash  made the following point about enterprise-scale IT projects:

Large system projects involve many stakeholders and are therefore socially complex. This complexity is reflected in the difficulties that managers encounter when attempting to build a shared understanding of a project between all stakeholders, and, based on that, a shared commitment to a course of action.

For such projects, collaborative approaches are the only way to go. “The Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices” is largely about how one can create the right conditions for collaborative work in organisations…

We should add that the techniques discussed in the book are generic in that they apply to projects in any domain, not just IT. Quoting from a recent review on Amazon:

“…This book is relevant for anyone who works with diverse groups of people with different perspectives, objectives & priorities, and have to arrive at decisions for complex issues. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in….”

Indeed, most of the case studies in the book are from non-IT domains.